Tradition & Innovation

We create truly ecological houses, built with natural materials and prepared to last several generations, with a minimum of maintenance. We draw inspiration from the old traditional construction, but we introduce new technologies, which allows us to build houses faster and with greater precision and quality. And, therefore, more economical.

We adapt any type of architectural project to the best construction systems, using natural materials and extremely robust structures, free of harmful chemicals. We carry out projects from traditional architecture to the most contemporary, whether in the countryside or in the city.

We use innovative techniques that allow us to build complex buildings in much less time than the “outdated” brick building. For example, who would say that this Alentejan house was made with a pombaline-colombage structure, surrounded by 20 cm of cork insulation? As a result, when outside are 41 degrees, we have 23 degrees inside the house, without air conditioning:

We count on great interior designers who accompany our customers and we are proud to partner with an exceptional group of suppliers who always guarantee high quality materials, excellence and refinement, like Amorim CorkWeber/Saint Gobain, Rothoblaas  and Porcelanosa amoung other extraordinary companies.

Eco Homes

Anti-seismic structures and ecological materials free of harmful chemicals guarantee safety and ensure comfort and healthy growth to your children and quality of life for the whole family.

More Resistant

The design ensures a rigorous planning, reducing construction time. Adding this to the excellence of the materials, we erect houses made to last generations.

More Efficient

Our houses enjoy the natural resources of their environment to dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer. Forever.

We are working together with the Brazilian architect Ivo Mairenes in the creation of projects that integrate eco technologies used in our constructions.
Here are some examples of their projects in Brazil:

The Art & Science of Sustainable Building

Healthy home. materials chosen to think about your familly health.
Thermal insulation. Fully insulated with Portuguese cork, rot-proof. Savings for life.
Heat protection. Thermal mass regulates the temperature in the summer, keeping the house cool without air conditioning.

Vapor permeability. The walls breathe, regulating humidity and temperature.
Sustainable. The house grows in harmony with the environment.
Quality finishes. Our designers use the wood, cork, clays, limes, marbles and stones in these works of art.