From Idea to ... Turnkey

1. The Idea

We advise our clients in the idealization of the project, according to the needs of your family, geographic location, terrain features, climate, desired architecture, models of houses and licensing specifics. It is a specialized consultancy, for a few hours (usually half a day or one day).

Preferably it is at this stage that the customer should determine the budget and is also as a result of this analysis that Green Heritage makes estimates for the next stages, clarifying all the steps that will follow. Transparency and good-sense, this is the key for trust.


2. Preliminary Study

Defined the idea, it is now necessary to collect all the necessary information to proceed with the project, either for new construction or rehabilitation.

After this collection, our architects developed the first designs that will underpin the architectural project. This phase has also the support of engineering to determine the most appropriate type for sustainable and ecological construction. Our partners in design and decoration can also participate from the start of projects, helping customers define your idea, create the desired environment, proposing the functional organization of the house, finishes and many other details that will make the work well organized, fast, efficient and … more economical!


3. (Preliminary Study) - Preliminary Information Request

Following the preliminary study, in some cases it is advisable to ask the local authorities and other entities a request for prior information (PIP), to make sure of the feasibility of the project. The PIP must includes a very approximate project to be achieved.


4. Consultations with other entities

Depending on the region we have to refer to entities other than the City Council, such as National Parks, Ecological Reserve, National Agricultural Reserve or the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage.


5. Architectural Project

After the previous study, we start the architectural project, preparing the necessary plans for licensing in accordance with regulations. Here we prepare all drawings and plans to scale, elevations, description and terms of responsibility. This phase includes the participation of engineering, which will suit the project to the ecological and sustainable construction methods of Green Heritage, according to the budgetary target set by the client in the first round.


6. Specialities Projects

About a dozen projects and terms of responsability are developed by engineers from Green Heritage, which dominate the techniques of bioclimatic and ecological construction. Structures, thermal, acoustic, water, landscaping, electricity, telecommunications and gas are some of the necessary projects at this stage.


7. Project Coordination

A project requires a specialized coordination between all professionals: architects, engineers, technicians ventilation, electricity, water, manufacturers and materials suppliers. All this is coordinated by Green Heritage.


8. Implementation Projects

Licensing projects are carried out in parallel with the detailed projects for the execution of the work, always according to the budget that the customer set at the beginning of the process. Architects, designers and engineers are all involved at this stage, keeping the customer informed about all the details and finishing materials.

Without these detailed projects it is impossible to know for sure how much it will cost the house. This is one of the major differences between Green Heritage and other companies, which usually only carry out the project implementation after licensing.

In Green Heritage, we design projects according to the given budget for each customer, in order to avoid overspending.


9. Production of elements for assembly

After licensing, we initiated the stage of production and construction. Several elements of our houses are previously produced in dry and controlled facilities so as to follow to the works already prepared to be assembled quickly and safely. In a few weeks, structures, insulation, doors and windows and many other details are produced and boxed, ready to follow for the work.


10. Installation and Construction

We separate the work by specialties and choose the best teams to perform each. All the details are organized and supervised by Green Heritage, such as the management of the work, technical supervision, logistics, supply and security. Architects and interior designers accompany the work throughout its implementation together with the engineers and foremen of the work of Green Heritage, to ensure quality, efficiency, speed of implementation and enforcement of budgets.

The assembly and construction phases are monitored daily by the customer via picture or video, so you can follow the progress of work.

The ounting and construction works are paid by the customer as they are carried out, allowing rigorous financial control of the entire project by the customer. Green Heritage negotiates materials prices directly with distributors and factories, giving the customer all discounts (substantial) obtained. Thus, we have a completely free position in relation to materials, thus maintaining an independent control over the quality.


11. Interiors & Decoration

Interior designers can participate in our projects, supporting customers in their decisions on finishing and decoration.


12. Arranjos Exteriores

Temos parceiros especializados para a supervisão de todos os arranjos exteriores, alpendres, piscinas e paisagismo.


13. House Delivery

Finishes, punchlist and final cleanings. Monitoring survey and delivery of customer keys. Farewell party.


14. Warranties and Insurance

Over the next few years, we supervise the processes so that the guarantees and insurance are met. We have special agreements with some suppliers, with extended warranties for 10 years (double that of five years normally provided) as well as special insurance work.

For more information, contact us please to or chat with us at any time at (351) 92 604 54 97. We are happy to give you all the information and help you needs.