Energy efficiency

Our houses are completely coated with black cork agglomerate (20 cm on the roof, 10 cm and 5 cm on the walls in the foundations).

Thermal comfort is the result of an effective combination of insulation, thermal mass, ventilation and sun exposure.

Green Heritage houses are 4 to 8 times more efficient than the required reference value in Portugal. This has repercussions in the comfort, health and family economy. Compared with most of the houses in Portugal, we managed savings of over 80% in energy consumption, both in cooling in summer and heating in winter. Forever.

We only use eco-friendly insulation, without any negative impact on health. So we opted mainly for that we consider to be the best natural insulation of the world: the cork. Portugal is the world’s largest producer of cork, a privilege that we have the honor to enjoy.

We combine tradition and natural products to technology, and use thermal imaging devices and temperature and humidity sensors to inspect every centimeter of the house, making sure that in all the details are perfect.

In addition to these isolations and attention to the window frames double glazed or triple, we take special care with the thermal mass.

Floors with strong thermal inertia, together with the partitions of shorts or clay applied to the walls, will give the house an ideal temperature and humidity. A good solar orientation will cause the interior is cool in summer and store heat in winter. Everything is analyzed in detail by our bioclimatic experts in order to realize exactly what to do in each house, according to the environment that surrounds it.

What will you tremendous savings in energy. Forever.

We fit black cork agglomerate plates 10 to 20 cm thick, specially tailored for each project.

Every little detail is carefully analyzed in order to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

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