Our rehabilitation services follow a strict work plan carried out in three phases: diagnostic, design and work.

To assess the state is home, we make a diagnosis with the support of the latest generation of sophisticated equipment, which will give us a rigorous building ray, heat loss, moisture and other problems. Is this diagnosis, complemented by careful observation to the building structure, which will allow us to know what we must solve.

It shows heat loss in walls, ceilings and floors, leaks in heating and even cables under tension.

Thermal resistance
Special sensors measure the thermal resistance of the external walls of the building, which will give us valuable information to determine the isolation we need to apply.

Quality Air / CO2
A large part of the houses have poor ventilation, which causes a high concentration of CO2, hazardous to health.

Further analysis (optional)
If there is a history of certain symptoms or suspected of contamination in some materials, we suggest additional tests to the interior of the building, carried out by specialized laboratories. These analyzes will be used to rule out the existence of materials that can be extremely dangerous to the health of occupants, especially children, the elderly or chronically ill.

– Electromagnetic waves
– Formaldehyde, solvents, pesticides and other pollutants interior
– Fungi, microbes and mites

After diagnosis, we move on to the design project, in which participate thermal experts and designers our partners, the latter specially invited according to the desired style by the customer.
As in our projects for new homes also we use healthy and environmentally friendly materials in rehabilitations (see here)

In the design project also is included any intervention in isolation and eventual structural correction, as well as the final budgets for rehabilitation are defined.

A major objective is energy efficiency.

With an effective rehabilitation, we savings up to 80% on your energy consumption for heating and cooling!

Having reached the point of work, we choose the most qualified teachers for each case, who work under our supervision and technical support and we make sure to get all the guarantees for a perfect execution.

All materials are inspected to ensure excellent, environmentally friendly and healthy quality. Pombaline buildings are restored with the same materials, retaining all its original aesthetic and anti-seismic structural strength. Our rehabilitation projects are made with natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as wood, stone, lime and clay.

Rehabilitations in old buildings, such as stone houses or mud, are not made with cement and the like. The result is usually catastrophic, assist to rapid deterioration, condensations, hazardous fungus growth and degradation of the building.

As our skin, a building must breathe, so it is necessary to use materials such as natural lime or clay, giving it “breathability” and regulate humidity. In terms of isolation, we can get to reduce their energy consumption by more than 80%.


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